Structured Cabling
(Copper and Fiber Optic)

The world where we live in is the place where everything must be connected, wherever we go there will always be a connection. Reliable Structured Cabling systems ensure your business experiences improved and increases your business growth. This keeps all of your cables connected so they can work together. Whether you need cable for CCTV cameras, switches, routers, WIFI, computers, telephones, or anything else in your business or home, we’ve got you covered. Our staff will support you throughout the years, from supply through installation and maintenance.

We offer Different kinds of Cables

Copper wire is the major material used in homes, businesses, and wherever we go every wire we see running through the structures is labelled as copper.

A fiber optic cable is a type of network cable that is made up of strands of glass fibers that are wrapped in an insulated casing.

Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network or GPON is a type of Passive Optical Network used to provide fiber broadband access to homes and businesses.






Structured Cabling and Date Center Services we provide:

• Data Center Fit-Out and Network Design and Build
• Copper, Fiber and GPON Design and Build
• Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing and Testing
• Fluke Cabling Testing and Documentations
• FM200 and Novec Fire Suppression Systems
• UPS, Equipment Rack, Terminal Block
• Accredited by PCAB

Paging and Telephone System

We made external and internal communication in the company easier and connected. Communication between business and client is the most important part of the business day to day operation. This is how we get in touch with them to know more about they’re needs hence help us provide a better solution to address those. Communication is our main road towards the client and our client is the key to profit. To constantly have a profit is to constantly communicate to our client. That’s why we should always prioritize a good connection to customer and one way is to make sure that they can constantly get touch in you. We supply and install the telephone system.

Wireless Solution

We Design and Build Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Systems to extend the network. Our experience in different type of industries and environment allows us to recommend the proper wireless system for your specific needs. And we’re making the Philippine’s to have the strongest Wireless Solutions and we need you to join us!

Services We Provide:

• Point to Point Wireless
• Point to Multi-Point Wireless
• Wireless Mesh Network