ICT Solutions

SERVICES HOME / ICT Solutions We make your life easier here in ICT Solutions. We manage and maintain your day to day operation through our ICT Solutions. It helps you to adjust easily to your modern working environment and it’s very convenient to use. It’s an all in one software application for everyday use that […]

Internet of Things

SERVICES HOME / Internet of Things InfoTouch Systems is your one-stop resource for all of your automation needs needs that are essential to a smart office, buildings, industrials and commercial. We provide the latest in smart technology for your data, telephone and wireless installations. We offer both digital and IP based telephone systems. From design […]

Microsoft 365

SERVICES HOME / MODERN ICT / MICROSOFT 365 MICROSOFT 365 The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, brand-new business models, and complex security issues. The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Learn more about how Microsoft 365 powers our global, modern workplace […]




UX Design Trends For 2018

Flashback — 2017 When it comes to UX, the year 2017 saw quite a bit. The hottest buzzwords last year included smarter personalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR). Besides these, there was one term that stood out from the crowd — Digital disruption. After all, it’s next to impossible to reminisce 2017 without thinking about the infamous […]


Piloting the first project with the UX process

Do you work in an organization that doesn’t have an established UX discipline, a clear owner of UX in the upper management and any shared design practices? Do you try to advocate for Users and their needs and start the conversation about the User-centered design process? Bringing the UX process into a project is the […]


Why redesigns don’t make users happy

It’s easy to think that users hate redesigns because they don’t like how the new design looks like. While users can actually have some preferences for the visual design style, the problem lays deeper, in the human psychology. Redesigns are changes and people don’t like changes. People don’t like them for two reasons — changes require efforts […]


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