Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall Service will be able to monitor your network
24/7 so that incidents are responded to and resolved immediately.

We are fast and reliable

We will make sure your safety and security

We can ensure that your network is continuously working

Companies today simply can’t afford disruption and a network going down overnight could potentially mean fires that need to be put out the next morning. Managed Firewall will constantly be working to ensure that your network is always available.

Features and Benefits of Managed Firewall

Provides 24-hour surveillance, monitoring, and management services to address the business-critical need for continuous network availability and minimal downtime.

Eliminates CAPEX through a no-cost investment in the network management infrastructure

Reduces OPEX dramatically by reducing 24 x 7 operations staffing and leveraging InfoSys Network Operations Center economies of scale and skills

Eliminates ongoing engineer training costs for new products, software, and features

Addresses network issues directly with the right level of skills to solve problems in the optimum amount of time

Ensures quality of service delivery and drives fault resolution with accuracy and speed via stringent SLAs