Firewall Admin

The first line of defense when protecting your infrastructure

Stop the Attack Before It Enters Your Network

X1works Managed Firewall services add a solid layer of protection between your cloud hosting environment and malicious attempts to access it. By using stateful packet inspection of the traffic stream, our firewall management solutions help enable the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of data coming into your network.

Plus, X1works Network Security Experts will manage the solution for you, making sure your managed firewall is properly configured to protect your business assets.

Protect Your Business With a Dedicated Managed Firewall

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private hosted environment.

Customize your security criteria, such as blocking access to specific ports.

Restrict inbound traffic flow to a set of source IP addresses.

Establish a firewall-based, point-to-point IPSec Virtual Private Network.

Filter and examine both inbound and outbound traffic.

Allow for mobile VPN clients.

Control timeouts for different types of Internal protocol connections.

Include additional options, such as a VPN or a DMZ.

Managed Dedicated Firewall Services

Standard Features

Initial setup and configuration
Setting of rules and policies
Ongoing maintenance
Configuration of VLAN and NATs
Firmware maintenance
User creation
Rule backup
Setup and configuration of high availability mode
Additional Offerings

Web Application Firewall

X1works offers dedicated web application firewalls (WAF) to help protect your web-based applications from attack by monitoring input, output, and access attempts, as well as blocking any malicious activity.

Advanced Firewall Protection

If your security needs extend beyond the scope of the firewalls listed above, X1works can provide an advanced, dedicated firewall solution.